I feel like a hypocrite for posting something on Facebook about spending the Holy-Week vacation on “reassessing” and not on “aimlessly scrolling on our news feeds”. I did not foresee that my choice of staying at home on Black Saturday made me do the latter all day. In return, as it always has been, my self-esteem levels went downhill like Jack and Jill.

Social media is not the bitch. I was, for allowing myself to be drowned by feigned happiness and manufactured lives. Good thing I was able to take a nap and feel (somehow) better after waking up. Holy Week is about being saved, right? So thanks, Jesus. And thanks, afternoon naps. And thanks to all people who save people, in whatever way that they can.

Salvation Ae Llantada Blog

Also appears in my Instagram on April 16, 2017. Photo was taken at Port Logpond, Vinzons, Camarines Norte, in conclusion of the tough two-hour boat ride from Calaguas Group of Islands, after being stranded there.


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