Frank Ocean has this sound that doesn’t pressure you to listen intently to it. When I listen to Channel Orange, I can comfortably do other things like working on my desk or checking Twitter or drafting something, without being distracted. Maybe it’s because of the firm beats and vocals vibrating in the foreground of its minimalist quietness.

Maybe this record can come in handy when I start to review for the coming assessments. You see, my bosses (with my consent), subjected me to a six-week employee training on all our banking operations and governance practices. Yes, pretty big deal. Week 1 has already been concluded and Week 2 will run starting May 8.

After the training and assessments, I’ll be proud to say that I’m not just a corporate affairs guy, because I’ll be a full-fledged banker, with a rank of supervisor. But until then, here’s Super Rich Kids.

Full-fledged Ae Llantada Blog

Also appears on my Instagram on April 27, 2017. Photo was taken at my workplace, the Corporate Affairs Department of Camalig Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank), the rural-banking leader in Bicol Region.


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