On our training sessions, one of the first impressions that my classmates had about me was that I am fearless. I told them that I still have so many fears, but one thing that I’m not too afraid of is about grabbing opportunities.

In college, I have taken large leaps that I thought would bring me to far places, but it turned out that they weren’t for me. I realized that I desired those opportunities not really for growth but rather for the opportunity to be somewhere else.

But why did I pretend to seek growth when I just wanted to run away from my side of the fence? This is a question I answered in 2016, when I decided to just go home, and dwell at home. Real growth, I realized, is to elevate from our own reality, not to run away from it. It starts from where we are planted, and we just need to be fearless to let ourselves bloom.

Elevate Ae Llantada Blog

Also appears on my Instagram on April 29, 2017. Photo was taken a hilltop at Quitinday Rolling Hills, Camalig Albay. 


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