The sun rises a little too early this part of the year, that when I woke up this morning, bright sunlight was already peeping through my window and that I thought it was already 8:00AM. “I went to bed early last night,” I defended myself. “My alarm is even on daily repeat!” I was worried that I might be late for work but when I checked, it was only 5:40 AM, twenty minutes before my alarm goes off.

I always believe that there are two things that push men to get up in the morning: 1. MONEY, and 2. WOMEN (and/or other men).

In the sense of extrinsic motivators, money symbolizes the desire for stability and security, the ability to provide, the privilege to subscribe in a comfortable life, and the power to get a peaceful mind. On the other hand, women (and/or other men) represent the need for attention and care, the longing for good relationships, the pursuit of social acceptance, and the seeking for love.

When you wake up every morning, do not feel guilty or shallow if money and relationships are the ones that convince you to get up. Because if we examine those needs a little closer, we would see that our desires aren’t really extrinsic: they are embedded in us as humans.

Motivators Ae Llantada Blog

Also appears in my Instagram on May 3, 2017. Photo was taken at Camvias Private Resort, Bacacay, Albay. 


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