The list of what I need to do goes on and on and on but still I find my thumbs pressing on the screen of my phone, hoping that the items on my to-do list will magically vanish.

If only I were a child again, when “swimming” meant black sand and delicious pansit, when “summer” meant the dreaded rite of passage that would soon become one of the bravest moments as a young boy.

With the arrival of jobs and other adult stuff, we would sometimes find ourselves struggling to make everything work. We brush away all our childhood and try to grow-up as fast as we can, until we get numb of real bliss.

In the middle of staged poses and filtered moments, how do we define genuine happiness? How do we worry less? How do we savor every moment so we wouldn’t miss anything? Answer: Be candid as a child.

Candid Ae Llantada Blog

Also appears in my Instagram on May 6, 2017. Photo taken at Camvias Private Resort, Bacacay, Albay, during a swimming trip with my workmates.


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