We are the oil for the wheel that makes the economy turn — Our lady COO told us this during her lecture a while ago. Banking is the most heavily-regulated industry there is, that working for it just excites me. She told us about risk-taking as something that is intrinsic in our business, as risk will always be there for every credit transaction we make. Risks cannot be eradicated, it can only be managed well.

Like jumping off a cliff, we calculate the distance between the jump point and the water level, the deepness of the water, our skill-level to recover from the fall, and some other factors. Everything should be calculated.

Yesterday at Jovellar, I would wanna jump but I figured: the distance from the drop point is far from the nearest edge, and that my impact into the water can be too strong. Plus, I could get cramps. Some say it’s overthinking, but this is how I make my choices. I understand that risks are part of life and perhaps that is why I feel thrilled to be working for this industry.

Risks Ae Llantada Blog.jpg

Also appears in my Instagram on May 8, 2017. Photo was taken at Quitinday Underground River Park, Jovellar, Albay.


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