The midday was hot as I line up the laundry on the sampáyan. Then I suddenly thought about the possibilities of me ending up at a different situation today other than being under the sun.

I could still be on my bed (or on somebody’s bed), hungover from last night’s partying. I could be on the couch, playing computer games or binge-watching GOT. I could still be not yet home. I could be addicted to drugs, or sex, or DOTA, or shopping. I could’ve dropped out of school and wouldn’t find decent jobs. I could be wasting Mama’s time and money because I can’t earn them on my own.

Under the hot sun, I thought I had all the reasons to abhor having to do chores on weekends. Little did I know that the reason why I do it is that I’m being raised well. So, I couldn’t complain. Mama plays a huge part in guiding me to becoming the way I presently am. We might grow up and may want to be independent, but we could never be out of our mothers’ upbringing.

Upbringing Ae Llantada Blog.jpg

Also appears in my Instagram on May 14, 2017. Photo was taken on a hilltop at Tinaga Island, within the Calaguas Group of Islands, Vinzons, Camarines Norte.


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