I would usually catch colds on the last days of February and the first days of June. When I was a child, catching a cold meant coughs + fever + increased attention from Mama.

During those days, drastic temperature changes occur as #TagInit enters, heats up our lives and then leaves. It’s not necessary that my body has to remind me when summer is coming or ending. It’s Kuya Kim’s job.

Children will go back to school tomorrow, and I will also go back to training. Truly, we’ll have to say goodbye to summer and its dreamy, laid-back, adventure-filled vibe. I remember a friend posting on Facebook that there are really no summer season in the Philippines. Only tag-init. But summer has become a state of mind, a lifestyle, a culture. And today I’ll have to let it go.

From Mahabang Buhangin, to Balagbag Island, to Camvias, to Quitinday Rolling Hills, to Quitinday Falls, to all the sweet warm days — till we meet again. I really enjoyed the ride.

This part of the year, we’re saying hello to wet roads and cozy evenings.

Reminders Ae Llantada Blog.jpg

Also appears in my Instagram on June 4, 2017. Photo was taken at my workplace, the Corporate Affairs Department of Camalig Bank, Inc. (A Rural Bank.


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