Trips to the countrysides always make me realize one thing—that the world is such an enormous place. Imagine, if two distinct ways of life (urban and rural) or numerous different dialects could exist in a small parcel of provincial land, what other fascinating lives could possibly exist in those places that I have yet to discover? The diversity is limitless!

On a recent working trip to the Partido District in Camarines Sur, I saw a traffic post along a road construction, manned by a young guy holding two flags. I figured, this was how traffic lights started out—signals of red and green tell us if we need to pause or go on, either because of pedestrians or other vehicles.

Some signs, we ask for. While some signs just come. Some are in a form of a blessing we’ve always prayed for or a crisis we didn’t know coming. But some come in a form of a person—who arrives, departs, and always leaves a mark.

No matter what form these signs use to reveal to us, they always do one thing in common: they make us pause for a while. And this momentary pause is essential because sometimes, “speeding fast” means missing out on the scenery, or worse: being lost.

Signs Ae Llantada Blog.jpg

Also appears in my Instagram on July 4, 2017. Photo was taken at midday at a traffic post along the National Highway in Partido District, Camarines Sur, after our vehicle suddenly broke down,


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