I always wear the same outfit for trips on the beach: a rashguard, a pair of running shorts (which is so versatile I also use it for swimming), a blue headwear (which has versatility level 999), and a gray summer scarf. A bunch of my travel photos I’m wearing those, and I don’t intend to buy and wear a new set anytime soon. I’m loving the comfort of that gear.

Also at the office, I’m momentarily gearing away from Fashion Fridays. I don’t despise dressing up, I despise not having enough clothes to use for dressing up. So I’d wear the company’s standard top instead.

Workmates initially found it odd, but when I tell them that “it’s less stressful, and more practical”, I could see subtle expressions of agreement in their faces. I need time to upgrade certain things in my life, and right now upgrading my wardrobe comes second to upgrading my career. Pretty logical naman, ‘di ba?

Gear Ae Llantada Blog.jpg

Also appears in my blog on July 9, 2017. Photo was taken at Vanishing Island, Tabaco City, Albay. 


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