When the boat docked that Monday midday, I didn’t have any clue that my body temperature would rise. It was only during lunch that I finally felt the fever I was scared about. “Too late, Aeman. You’re already on the island.” That’s what I told myself. Truly, it was a test of how much I know my body and of how I would take care of myself.

There are four skills in learning language: reading, writing, listening, speaking. We’ve learned so much about listening, and it probably is the most used skill among the four. But did we really learn how to listen to our body, or more importantly, to ourselves?

Some listen to themselves all the time, while some regard the wants of others as their own wants. Some deny the fact that they need rest, while some falsify the same need.

What I’m trying to say is that true listening to our body should also come with the honest communication of what it says. Say you’re hungry if you’re hungry. Say you’re tired if you’re tired. Get some rest if you need one. Sometimes, it’s not our bodies that lie to us. It’s the other way around.

Listen Ae Llantada Blog.jpg

Also appears in my Instagram on July 27, 2017. Photo was taken at Mangrovetum, a mangrove sanctuary on the coasts of Masbate City. 


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